Top Women’s Hairstyles for 2014

As women, we are always looking for a way to look great and feel great. Hair is an accessory in our everyday look. We wear our hair every day. Every other accessory that a woman owns, whether it is her jewels, her favorite pair of shoes, or even her favorite outfit, it all can be removed; Take it all away and you are left with your hair. Just as we change our wardrobe from season to season, our hair should be our number one priority as it sets our look and how we feel. If you are looking to make a change with your hairstyle and want to update your look, here are the top styles of 2014 we recommend.


The freedom hairstyle is one that has been very popular with celebrities this past fall. It has been seen on everyone from Charlize Theron to Miley Cyrus. The freedom style is a very gender-neutral hairstyle that will best be worn by a woman with a bold sense of style and willing to take a risk. The hair is shaved closely on the sides, but kept a little longer on the top. This boyish-looking cut keeps the back and sides tapered while maintaining a sense of femininity.

Modern Pixie

One of the most attractive hairstyles for women in 2014 is an edgy twist on the classic pixie cut. The modern pixie offers versatility as well as function! Michelle Williams is a celebrity who looks great with this style. The biggest difference between this cut and the classic pixie cut is that the bangs are kept much longer, which allows them to be swept sideways in dramatic fashion across the forehead. With this style, women do not have to worry about one-dimensional styling, hair can be parted for a dramatic look or creatively tousled in a playful fashion. Products like a gel or texturizer help to your style in place. We recommend Kevin Murphy’s Un.Dressed to finish this look.
Graduated Bob

These two are more updated versions of a classic bob. For a graduated bob, hair is cut longer than the traditional bob and is layered softly to give it dimension. Typically, the longest layers reach down to touch the nape of the neck and the bottom of the chin. This is a great style to give extra volume to those who need it. This Pittsburgh hair styling technique is best worn by women with very straight hair. Women without super straight hair can wear it, but they will need to spend more time with a flattening iron to get it to look right.

Medium/Long Length Styles

If you’re scared to take the leap and make a drastic change to a shorter look, longer styles compliment everyone! Layers can be added to any cut to help frame your face and highlight your features. Bangs are great way to spice up any cut and can make your eyes pop! Actress Zooey Deschanel is the perfect example of someone who looks great with this face-framing do.

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