Tips for Shaping the Perfect Eyebrow

Eyebrows are a very important part of the grooming process as they are the framing point for the eyes. They also balance the facial features and add expression to the face. If you are shaping your eyebrows for the first time, salons in Pittsburgh are the perfect place to start for professional input, advice, and tips that will save you time (and maybe even pain). A trained salon stylist knows how to expertly shape the brows to compliment the rest of the facial features.

When grooming the eyebrows at home, here are a few basic steps to follow.

1. Shaping Your Eyebrows

Make a plan for where the brows will start, end, and where the peak of the arch will be. To determine which hairs to remove, mark them with white eyeliner to make sure the correct hairs are removed. Use a good pair of tweezers to make the job easier. Trim the brows with a small pair of grooming scissors if they are too long to give them a neatly groomed look. For thicker eyebrows, an eyebrow wax treatment at the best salons in Pittsburgh will be able to create an elegant look to accent your particular features.

2. Coloring and Shading

For thinner eyebrows, filling them in with a color product such as a mineral makeup will help achieve a fuller look. Use a shade that will blend into the brow’s natural color. A good eyebrow pencil, powder or mousse will help for shading. The use of a highlighter under the arch of the brow will accent the eyes while helping them look younger.

3. Brushing into Shape

Using a soft toothbrush or brow brush, gently brush your eyebrows into place during the morning ritual. If your eyebrows need some staying power, use clear mascara or hairspray on the brush to help the hairs stay in place.

4. Keeping Eyebrows Looking Their Best

After shaping your eyebrows, a daily search for straggler hairs to tweeze will keep your brows looking their best for up to a month. At that point, another grooming may be needed to achieve the best shape.

Properly groomed eyebrows can add elegance to the face. Whether you choose to tweeze or go in for a professional Pittsburgh eyebrow wax, your eyebrows need care to look their best. The eyes are one of the most powerful features of the face. Well-defined eyebrows can mean the difference between a youthful and vigorous expression and a tired and disheveled look. For a clean, professional style, individuals should visit a Pittsburgh salon for proper eyebrow care to treat their face to the frame it deserves.

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