The Benefits of Salon Facials

Salon and spa services are designed for beautification as well as physical and mental health. Facials in particular are used to promote a person’s well-being in a number of ways. While different types of facials are designed to have a certain impact, they usually have at least one of the following benefits.

Reverses the Appearance of Aging

One of the most surprising effects that some clients find is how much younger they look after a facial. As the aging process continues, lines in the skin start to develop as well as possible dark circles and wrinkles. By helping relax these muscles through facial massage, the expression lines also relax, creating a reverse aging effect. Other signs of aging stem from the look of the skin itself, including dryness and altered pigmentation. Collagen facials and collagen repair facials go a step farther than most facials in this area, improving the skin’s elasticity, water retention and resistance to sun damage. Restoring the skin’s collagen creates a fresh, even skin tone with fewer signs of aging and a plumper, healthier look. Regular collagen facials will have a cumulative effect, slowing the skin’s aging process. These types of facials can also be preventative for the younger generation.

Detoxifies Skin

The oils secreted by the skin, environmental pollutants, and even cosmetics can build up on the skin, clogging pores. This blockage can cause blemishes and irritation anywhere on the body, but the face is particularly sensitive. Facials clean out the pores, calming the skin. Chemical and enzyme peels are often used to detoxify the skin by removing dead skin cells as well as other pollutants lying on the skin. This type of treatment also helps to resurface the skin, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch.

Increases Blood Circulation

After a facial you may notice you have a rosier complexion. This is because facials stimulate increased blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation encourages new skin cell and collagen growth for a healthier, smoother look. Microdermabrasion and hydro microdermabrasion treatments are highly effective for exfoliating the skin, which stimulates new cell growth through improved circulation. The effects of thorough exfoliation and new cell growth can also reduce scarring, uneven pigmentation, black heads, and puffy or aggravated skin.

Reduces Stress

One of the most overlooked causes of acne is stress. Fortunately, facials help reduce that, too! The massage techniques used in facials are chosen to help set clients at ease during the treatment. Other details, including aromatic facial products, burning essential oils or incense, playing gentle music, and setting dim lighting are also taken into careful consideration in spas to cultivate a restful mood. Even the simple act of being pampered for an hour in a soothing environment can help clients relax and feel refreshed.

Studio Booth facial experts cater to their clients’ individual skincare needs through an ample offering of facials, including mini facials, collagen repair, hydro microdermabrasion, teen acne facials, and more. By using top of the line products, Studio Booth ensures that clients will walk away feeling lighter and fresher, not weighed down with heavy oils that create more issues. To find out what Pittsburgh facials would best benefit your skin, call Studio Booth today!

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