How to utilize your Day 3 Dirty Hair

Day 1: Clean gorgeous locks blown out to perfection! What more could a gal ask for?

Day 2: Starting to look a little flat but that is nothing a little hair spray and hair flip can’t fix.

Day 3: Too soon to wash, but too dirty to go out in public! Hello headband.

We all go through very similar mantras from hair wash day until we’re at the peak of our shamefully dirty hair. It gets to the point where bobby pins, head bands and baseball caps become our best friends and we’re avoiding happy hours because there is no way anyone will be buying us a Cosmo looking like this.

Ladies, I have found the answer to your day three dirty. Kevin Murphy dry cleaning spray not only cleans your hair (yes, it will eliminate those greasy roots) but it gives you the body of a blow out, leaves your hair smelling amazing, removes any excess oil and those dirty little secrets from the days before.

This is no typical dry shampoo, it does more then give your hair the appearance of cleanliness. This product will freshen up your lifeless hair, remove excess product and add body and shine. Like most of Kevin Murphy products Fresh Hair is antioxidant rich and paraben free and comes in both a full size (5.25 oz) and travel size (1.2 oz), so grab one for your bathroom and one for your purse because this is going to become your new best friend for all occasions. All you need to do is SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE and spray evenly and lightly onto dry hair then rub or brush through—and voila! You are set for the day, or the night!


Check out this video from the Kevin Murphy experts for a detailed how-to use Fresh Hair!



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