How to Get a Natural Looking Tan in Pittsburgh

Skin that sports a healthy glow makes a person feel good about the way they look. Whether that person has spent hours in the sun or if they have taken a few minutes to get a professional spray tan, their outward appearance is the same.

There are advantages, however, to using a Pittsburgh sunless tanning salon in getting that healthy glow as opposed to a real suntan.

Advantages of a Sunless Spray Tan:

  • Applies evenly, without streaks or tan lines
  • Takes much less time than lying in the sun for hours
  • Comes in any desired shade
  • Does not rub off on clothes
  • Tans specific parts of body
  • No sunburn
  • Year-round tanning

Spray Tan Process and Tips

Before heading to the Pittsburgh sunless tanning salon, be sure to shower and exfoliate to clean away lotions and creams as they might stop the tanning application from absorbing evenly.

Getting the perfect tan is as easy as closing your eyes and counting to ten. It is important to find a reputable salon or spa for a spray tan in Pittsburgh. Professional salon technicians will help select the desired shade. The tanner will then disrobe or change into a bathing suit to allow a partial or whole body tan, as desired. After putting on a hairnet to keep the tanning spray from the hair, a lotion barrier is applied to the palms and soles of the feet, as these areas otherwise tend to gather the mist and turn orange.

Next, the tanner will step into a tanning booth where he or she will be instructed to move to different positions during the four or five minute misting process. Other salons will instead have the technician apply the tan with a misting wand for a more customized look. Choosing a reputable Pittsburgh sunless tanning salon will give ensure that the tan is being applied evenly regardless of the method.

Lastly, the spray tan is set with gentle air-jets, working like a full-body hair dryer. A final moisturizing mist is applied, followed by another air-jet drying.

Sunless Tanning Results

Immediately after the procedure, the barrier cream is removed from the hands and feet with wipes. At this point, the fully dried tanning application will not rub off onto clothes. The full tan color develops gradually over the eight hours after the application. A beautiful, even tan appears and lasts for at least a week, sometimes longer depending on how often a client showers.

To get that sun-kissed glow without the damage the sun might cause, visit a professional salon for the most natural looking spray tan in Pittsburgh.

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