2016 Kevin.Murphy Holiday Kits

It’s that time of year again, where we spend far too long wondering what to get our loved one’s. Luckily for us Kevin Murphy gets our frustration and has provided a fantastic solution; limited edition gift sets for Him and Her! Give the gift of great hair this holiday season, your loved ones will thank you, and so will their hair!

1. Touch of REPAIR

Repair.Me Wash & Rinse contain protein enzymes from Papaya and Pineapple that help strengthen and repair dry damaged hair weightlessly. They smell absolutely divine and leave fine hair feeling luxuriously soft with added bounce and shine!

This gift set comes with a full size Wash & Rinse and a free Hand Cream


2. Pretty Hot & Tempting P.H.A.T

Plumping Wash & Rinse thickens and densifies using Ginger Root and Nettle Extracts along with Hemsleya Root and Oleanic Acid to nourish and restore for thicker stronger hair!

This gift set comes with a full size Wash & Rinse and a free travel size Body Builder mousse!



3. Angel DOO.UP

Angel Wash & Rinse are one of our most popular lines. This volumising duo, infused with Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter and Chamomile, gives fine, flat hair body while still adding needed moisture that won’t weigh it down.

This gift set comes with a full size Wash & Rinse and a free travel size DOO.OVER


4. Shiny Things MAKE ME HAPPY

Super smoothing Hydrate.Me Wash & Rinse for normal to dry hair and Session Spray, lock in hydration and style with this dynamic trio and never have a hair out of place again!

Comes with a full size Wash & Rinse and a free travel size Session Spray


5. Don’t Forget the Details

This all around men’s pack contains all the daily essentials and details he’ll need.

Comes with a full sized Balancing.Wash, Nightrider matte texture paste and a very special free limited edition shaving cream.



May is for Pedicures

No one wants to be the person walking down the street that people can’t help but stare at because your toes are attracting more attention than those new highlights you finally worked up the courage to ask your stylist to put in. FYI your feet need a stylist too and it’s called a pedicurist.


We know that many people know the luxury of a spa quality pedicure but we want to introduce to you the health benefits that you may not know about and the benefits of maintaining your feet. The average person takes about 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, which can add up to nearly 115,000 miles over a lifetime. If that’s not an incentive I don’t know what is!

Now, some of you may be thinking you can just do a self-pedicure and properly maintain those toes at home. Unfortunately there are just some things that you cannot achieve yourself versus a professional andcan lead to things like ingrown toenails and infections when done improperly. When seeing a professional for your pedicure they have the ability to hone and develop your nail bed and use professional grade products and lotions to improve your skin from the inside out. When it comes to filing and finishing the professional shape prevents things like the ingrown nail (which is common for anyone who works out or plays sports) as well as peeling and shredding which can occur if the nail isn’t properly clipped and cleaned.

The exfoliation treatments will remove all of your dead skin cell and prevent them from accumulating and causing bunions or corns, which can be terribly painful and hard to remedy. The removal will then encourage new skin cell growth paired with the professional massage which will encourage circulation in not only your feet but you calves as well. This part of your body is frequently ignored and can help promote daily performance of your muscles and reduce stress. After all your feet carry the brunt of your weight, give them some time off!

In the end you have the optional polish color, which is fun for us ladies but oftentimes avoided by men. But trust me, nowadays the possibilities are endless with nail art and color schemes, the pedicure might take as long as it will for me to choose what polish I want. Incase you have any hesitance about the polishes out there we can put your mind at ease because at Studio Booth we are in compliance with the green advancements! So give those tootsies some love and treat yourself to one of our three different pedicures, because pretty feet are healthy feet.

Don’t forget about our Mother’s Day Special for the month of May, book 2 Studio Booth Pedicures together (for yourself and your mother) for $100! If anyone has run her foot mileage up in their lifetime I’d say it’s probably the mothers of the world.

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