About Studio Booth

Your Premier Luxury Salon and Spa Distinctive, Exclusive, Unmatched….Expect Nothing Less Luxury Redefined…

Studio Booth, a luxury salon and spa, features Pittsburgh’s top talent and provides the best in professional cutting-edge techniques, treatments and products from around the world.

Our goal is to provide impeccable service with an emphasis on quality, precision and passion. Your customized services will make for an experience you will never forget, all in the most elegant and distinctive space… Studio Booth.

Our Shadyside Salon

At Studio Booth, we want to create the ultimate relaxation experience for our guests. Pamper yourself and find the relief you need through our luxury spa treatments and professional salon services. Located in Shadyside with easy access from anywhere in the Greater Pittsburgh area, clients come to get away for just an hour or even to experience a whole day of soothing luxury services. Our salon professionals believe you need to feel your best before you can look your best, so we strive to create an environment that encourages our clients to leave their cares outside the door and get the most out of their salon and spa experience.

Our Products

Here at Studio Booth, we provide only the best products to incorporate into our salon services, as well as recommend the right products for each client’s home care regime to maintain their look. We are constantly searching the globe for new and fresh techniques to use within our Salon as well as the right products to go with those sought after techniques. Ask any of our professional staff about our wide range of products in order to find what would best fit your hair and skincare needs.

Our Styling and Wellness Staff

A service is only as good as the warmth and skill of its provider. Our stylists, massage therapists, and cosmeticians have years of experience providing expert services and luxury spa treatments with a welcoming touch. With the most talented Pittsburgh professionals on our team, you can expect superior care, excellent technique, and attention to detail during your time here at Studio Booth.

To read about the individual specialties of our staff, click on a photograph for full biographical details.

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